Now that the speakers have spoken, the winners have won and the headaches from the post event tweet up have finally started to fade, here's our round-up of all the action.

We didn't manage to personally thank those involved (amateur and in-experienced host!), so would like to take this opportunity to thank Michael, Andrew, Jenny and the crew at The Building Centre, Sharika and Neill from COMIT, Chris from Competitive Advantage and CIMCIG, our sponsors MobiBiz, the other speakers Andrew, Lars, Bob and Anna and most importantly, all of you who attended.

The Winners

Best Company App 

1. Make Architects
2. AHMM Architects
3. Scott Brownrigg Architects
Best News App

1. Building Design
2. Building
3. Property Week
Most Useful Tool

1. Architect Map
2. Open House London
3. AutoCAD WS 

The Presentations

Want to see them again? Visit our Slideshare account to view all the presentation slides. 

The Pictures

Were you snapped by Sasha? Visit our Flickr album to see more photo's taken on the day.  

The Coverage

Take a look at Michael from The Building Centre's summary or a Alex Johnson's blog featured in the Independent.

The iPad 3 Winner

657 people voted in our first ever #BEapps event each corresponding to a number depending on when they voted.  We then devised a plan that each speaker and The Building Centre's Michael James would pick a number between 1-100 to determine a winner.  We started at -6 and Michael picked a number between 1-63 so that everyone had an equal chance of winning.

And so with this very simple?! calculation now made, the winner of the iPad 3 is...........Claire Crowley of AHMM Architects! 

We'll be making contact with Claire to give her the good news and arrange delivery of her brand new iPad3 to download all those great apps!

The Feedback

It was our first ever event so any comments, good or bad (hopefully constructive), would be greatly appreciated. 
  • Did you attend or simply follow the action via the extremely active twitter hashtag #BEapps
  • What did you like most, what could have been better and what would you like to see at #BEapps 2013?  
View the comments below and add your thoughts by leaving a reply below including your twitter handle so we can say thanks.

Alternatively email us with your feedback if you'd like to keep it confidential.
29/3/2012 03:43:37

We are thrilled with our 3rd place in the Most Useful Tool/Guide contest. We have lots more good stuff coming this year and we hope to improve on that position for next year's event.

Thanks to all the organizers.

30/3/2012 00:49:37

Thanks to everyone for a great day! Fantastic turn-out and some interesting topics for discussion.

Lets do this again next year..looking forward to it

3/4/2012 20:51:29

Hi guys, thanks for a great event, good to get some people together around this field.
Good to get mention in the Independent Property Blog too!
I found Andrew Hudson-Smith's talk really interesting because it went beyond marketing with apps into some of their other really exciting areas of potential - tagging, AR, location based data. I think what makes an App really sticky is its usefulness. How can we make our apps more useful?

3/4/2012 21:00:30

Thanks for your comments guys. Definitely a good start for apps in the built environment.

It seems that a #BEapps 2013 will now be on the cards so it would be great to know what people would like to see there?


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